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   Work Permit

 To  Europe - Portugal

If your intention is to come to Portugal   Europe , Schegan space as a worker on Company of others whatever their profession.

And reside in a third country that is not part of Shegan space.

FCSM Associates RL Law Firm  have a team 

1-Able to legalize your ,and your family.

2-And organize your Profissional situation at   Europe - Portugal .

  Work Permit and  Europe, Portuguese Employment 

The FCSM Associates  Law Firm has experience in immigration by subordinate labor, its various facets.

Formaliddes consulés e registrais,

 How you can get a  Portugal Europe Employment,

 Portugal - Europea -Work permit

 Residence permit,

And among others...

A) Have a contract of employment or promise of employment contract

B) They possess the qualifications, competences or qualifications recognized and suitable for the exercise of one of the activities covered by the previous number and benefit from an individualized manifestation of interest of the employer.

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